Jadefur is a she-cat that has an unusual coat of fur, like Rainbowheart. She has shiny, smooth green fur that sparkles in the sunlight, and brown eyes. She is very friendly.

On the BlogEdit

She is a new member. Recently, she has changed her name to Whisperpaw from Jadefur.


Trailing StarsEdit

It is unknown if she will appear in Trailing Stars.
  • A Cat, by Jadefur
  • Jadefur by Swiftpaw
  • Chocolate Cupcake, by Jadefur
  • Jadefur, by Jadefur :P
  • "Why?", by Jadefur
  • Jadefur, by Selena
  • Speechless, by Whisperpaw
  • Whisperpaw by Copperclaw


  • Her name was previously Jadefur.

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