I'It's gonna be called The Silent Mew. the plot isn't clear enough, but i'm thinking about it. i want to show myself as Mosspaw in some parts but I don't have a mentor. I have a blog page about that if you want to be my mentor. Mosstail's family is kinda based off of my real family :)


Summary: Cakestar is on her last three lives, Bloglcan is fretting over lost of their beloved Cakestar. But Mosstail finds a way to save Cakestar, but she must travel great lengths for this miracle. She must travel alone, but troubles come her way as she tries to fufil her quest. Will anyone be able the cat with the Silent Mew.

The clan has searched day and night for the missing warrior. Many beilive that she might even be alive. But in the begining of an awful leaf bare. cats seemed to have lose all hope. Starclan has not given conntact, Copperclaw is in a crisis knowing that Cakestar will eventually die. And Redleaf wonders if anyone will look for her lost kin. 

Special Stuff:

  • My older cousin may be featured if she joins the blog soon
  • I'll probably animate this :)
  • Main theme: 
  • Ending Theme: Alice

Characters (that aren't part of blogclan):

Moss/kit/paw/tail- large, long haired cream she cat with sandy brown tabby stripes, and cyan eyes. Skittish, reserved, creative, kind,

Icekit/paw/ripple- silver blue tom with dark blue eyes, Mosstail's younger brother. Lazy, proud, sensitive, big hearted, playful.

Shellflower- small, long haired pale gray she cat with blue eyes, Mosstail's, and Icepaws's mother. Wise, very smart, quiet, sarcastic, has a mean streak, kind hearted.

Thornfang- brown , and cream tom with pale green eyes Mostail's and Icepaw's father. Funny, charming, and clever, easily annoyed.

Palelight- diulite, tortoiseshell and white she cat with green eyes. Shellflower's  younger sister. fiesty, tomboy, stubborn

Morningbird- molted, black, golden, orange tortoiseshell she cat with pale blue eyes. Oldest queen. Palelight, and Shellflower's mother. Kind, gentle,and very close to Mosstail 

Wolf- massive, long haired, jet balck tom with snowy blue eyes Handsome, patient, calm, forgiving (Mosstail's love intrest... yes! He's not based off somone in real life though :P) Poppy- pale ginger and white she cat with teal eyes. Curious, happy, and pleasant

Dusk- dark brown tom with pale brown tabby stripes, and amber eyes. Former kittypet. Lone, studious, absent minded (my friend irl

Skunk- well muscled she cat with a look of a skunk and green eyes. Follower, creative, brave. (my best friend irl)

Tiger- orange tom with hazel colored eyes. Warm hearted, playful, crazy, kind. (friend irl)

Stormy- pale blue gray tom with dark blue eyes. Nice, smart, confident (friend irl)


  • The Cosmic Owl put nyan cats in my dreams as a kit

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