Here's my Warrior fan fic Lost in the Stars

There will be three more books after this one.

Opening Theme: Luminous- Claris

Opening Theme 2: Angelic Bright- Ayane

Ending Theme: Yoake Umarekuru Shojo- Yoko Takahashi


It's about a kit named Avalon who is daughter to a loner named Rosie, and sister to Cora. She is pleaded to by the Frostclan's Medicine cat Frozenwhisker to join the clan to fufill a prophecy. If she does she can save lives, and leave the ones she loves. And if she leaves, cats, die...



Leader: Moonstar- small framed gray she cat with starry grey eyes

Deputy: Russetpath (temporarily)- long limbed, dark ginger tom

Medicine Cat: Frozenwhisker- very old, silvery tom with blue eyes and a plumed tail    Apprentice: Littlemask

Warriors: Shadowstalk- very large brown tabby tom with a white chest,a nd pawws, with blue eyes

Snowstorm- pure white tom with blue eyes

Lionburn- golden brown tabby tom with burnings all over his pelt

Rosedance- elegant, yellow tabby she cat with green eyes

Mousetail- small black she cat with a skinny tail, and blue eyes     Apprentice: Shiverpaw

Dustpool: dusty brown, speckled tom

Eaglefeather- brown and white she cat

Yewdrop- very pale gray she cat     Apprentice: Weaselpaw

Icicleclaw- white tabby tom wth blue eyes    Apprentice: Oakpaw

Turtlefoot- tabby tom with blue eyes


Littlemask- brown tabby tom with a white face, chest, paws, and tail tip, with green eyes.

Shiverpaw- spiky furred silver she cat

Weaselpaw- ginger tom with a pale brwn belly

Oakpaw- dark red brown tom with green eyes

Queens: Bushfur: spiky furred tabby (Palekit- large white tom with gray paws, Birdkit- ginger tabby she kit, Sprucekit- small brown she cat)

Applefawn- speckled light brown she cat with a flat face

Glowflower- golden tabby (expecting Lionburn's kits)

Robinfeather- tawny she cat with a balck spotted tabby pattern(Stonekit- pale brown tom with a tufty tail, and chest, Harekit- white she kit with brown ears)

Rosie- a calico loner(Cora- brown she kit with darker ears, paws, and tail tip with blue eyes, Avalon- calico she cat with crystal blue eyes,a nd pale grey paws)

Elders: Shrewtail- old, dark tortie she cat

Plumpool- thick furred gray she cat'

Moletunnel- graying light brown tom

Fishclaw- very frail tabby tom

Stoatpelt- ginger she cat with graying fur


Leader: Brackenstar- golden brown tabby tom with green eyes

Deputy: Pitchfall- dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Brightflame- old, mahogany. tortoiseshell and white she cat with blind blue eyes      Apprentice: Mintpaw

Warriors: Hollowstone- gray brown tom

Sunspark- yellow tabby tom with ginger patches

Juniperstep- ginger she cat

Coontail- striped tabby tom with yellow eyes

Cherryfreckle- bright tabby she cat with blue eyes     Apprentice: Sandypaw

Dovefall- gray she cat with green eyes

Viperfang- pretty, lean scarlet tabby she cat

Lostwhisker- dark gray tom with no whiskers      Apprentice: Prowlpaw

Nettlefur- dappled, dark brown tom with amber eyes

Spottednose- tortoiseshell she cat with a spotted nose

Ferretfang- ginger and white tom with green eyes

Vixenclaw- dark ginger and white she cat with gray blue eyes


Sandypaw- light ginger tom

Prowlpaw- dark red tom

Queens: Peachfur- yellow orange she cat

Maroonleaf- dark ginger she cat with amber eyes

Elders: Waspclaw- yellow tabby tom

Hopfoot- tabby she cat


Leader: Mosstar- tortoiseshell and white tom

Deputy- Riverstone- handsome gray and white tom with dark blue eyes  Apprentice: Cedarpaw

Medicince Cat: Runestep- small, pale brown tabby she cat  Apprentice: Timberwing

Warriors: Whitepool- silver tom with blue eyes

Tigerfang- brown and cream tabby tom       Apprentice: Beaverpaw

Powderfur- pale tabby she cat with green eyes

Mistfur- gray tom with amber eyes

Stormheart- dark tabby tom     Apprentice: Flintpaw

Rowanfur- russet furred tabby she cat

Coalclaw- gray tom with black paws

Gingerwhisker- ginger tom with blue eyes

Sharpstripe- dark tabby tom

Vinetail- gray she cat with a winding tail

Swallowchirp- brown tabby she cat

Ashstorm-speckled dark gray tom

Cobblepelt- dappled gray tom with orange eyes

Apprentices: Beaverpaw- dark brown tom

Cedarpaw- black and white tom with orange eyes

Flintpaw- gray tabby she cat with green eyes

Timberwing- brown and cream tom

Queens: Chesnutlbreeze- black,and brown she cat

Streamwillow- silver tabby

Elders: Cottonfur- fluffy white she cat


Leader:Cardinalstar- dark red tabby tom with black tabby stripes

Deputy: Creekflight- red tabby she cat     Apprentice" Squrrielpaw

Medicine Cat: Cricketflower- brown tabby she cat

Warriors: Juniperdapple- dappled dark ginger she cat

Mudfoot- brown tom with darker paws   Apprentice: Lichenpaw

Bonestripe- tabby tom   Apprentice: Kestrelpaw

Darkleaf- black tabby she cat   Apprentice: Sunpaw

Ashfall- gray tom

Monarchwing- orange tabby tom

Crowclaw- jet black tom

Frecklestep- molted brown she cat

Troutwhisker- gray tom with blue eyes


Lichenpaw- molted white and maroon she cat

Kestrelpaw- dark gray brown tabby tom

Sunpaw- ginger she cat

Squirrelpaw- ginger she cat with amber eyes

Queens: Graystream- pale gray she cat

Whisperbird- white she cat with green eyes

Elders: Scorpionclaw- dark ginger tom

Volenose- gray brown she cat


Leader: Sparrowstar- old, scrawny, pale tabby she cat with yellow eyes

Deputy: Hailfur- dappled white she cat with snowy blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Quailsong- dark gray she cat with green eyes

Warriors: Echostream- pale, silver tabby she cat with green eyes

Dappledfoot- black tom with speckled brown paws

Bramblethorn- brown tabby tom   Apprentice: Wheatpaw Shrewfang- dark brown with amber eyes tom     Apprentice: Thrushpaw

Stoneriver- pale gray with gray eyes tom

Redflight- dark red tom

Pidgeonfeather- gray and white tom

HIckoryfoot- ginger tabbby she cat

Creekfern- dark brown tabby she cat

Specklesnow- white she cat with molted gray patches. Hailfur's daughter

Runningmouse- long limbed, gray brown she cat. Specklesnow's sister

Apprentices: Wheatpaw- pale orange tom

Thrushpaw- gray tom eith amber eyes

Queens: Lemonstripe- pale ginger she cat 

Elders: Mothwhisker- dark ginger tom

Hazelpelt- light brown tabby she cat with blue eyes

Clanless Cats:

Zeus- very large, muscular light brown tom with deep blue eyes. Kittypet

Cinnamon- very old, molted, ginger, orange ,black she cat with patchy fur, and green eyes.

Mandy- friendly, plump, brown tabby tom with one blue green eye. Rosie's brother

Freska- elegant, silver tabby and white kittpet with blue eyes

Nyu- lithe brown she cat 

Snoop- young black tom

Grigg- gray tabby tom

Sparkle- ginger she cat with green eyes

Husk- dark gray tom with dark amber eyes


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