Inspired by the Rugrats explained post. (sorry I forgot who made it XP) Feel free to post your theories in the comments and I'll post them on the page. MAke sure it's about a show though. Anime, movies, and some books include.

Adventure Time 

Written By Mosstail

We all know and love this amazing animated show on Cartoon Network. But what is really behind thiss colorful show?

Okay, the first thoery is about Shoko, or the Ghost Lady in the Creeps episode.

Here's the episode about Shoko- The Vault

Shoko is a new character in the episode called the Vault. She is confirmed to be the Ghost Lady that Finn saw in the mansion, in the Creeps episode. It was also confirmed that Finn is her reincarnation. And PB knew about her, even though Shoko was alive before the tree house even exsisted. No this where it gets confusing.

My thoery is that Shoko is either Finn's relative. Or she is the almost exact replace of Finn and Jake in the past. Another weird part of this episode is that PB is living while Shoko is living. Which is over a thousand years ago! So it's official that PB was that piece of gum in the Simon and Marcy episode. And the Mushroom War is what caused her to become who she is now. And in the episode we see the Mr. Creampuff as a young guy. So that means that that some of the candy people are about as old as PB!

And the reason why Shoko looks more like some monster, rather than a human  is because she fell into radioactive waste that was a river in the Candy Kingdom. And she then died next to the tree house, while it was still a sappling. When Finn soon realizes who he is, he tears the floorboards, and calls PB, and tells her that he's Shoko. And you can see her as a skeleton when he picks up the amulet. 

Shoko is also the reason that Finn always wnats a fake arm. If you see Finn's dreams he always imagines himself with a mechanical arm! So Shoko didn't exsist then we wouldn't have the amazing, bombastic hero today.

R.I.P Shoko. You were such a big part of this amazing series.

More theories coming soon...

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