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    August 13, 2014 by Katwolfie

    We all agreed that a Renaissance needs to be a-happenin' right now, so now let's start assigning roles based on groups!

    (what a tounge twister)

    Your job is pretty self-explanatory.  We only need two people--and these two people will take turns updating the allegiances on here when the allegiances are updated.  

    Smokestripe has taken charge of the allegiances and will be updating them on here.

    Go to the Allegiances page and split up characters to create infoboxes for and pages for.  Also, perhaps try to create pages for things that appear--such as a fox or a badger.  Below you would say "Trailing Stars" as a subheading, and then write how the animal appeared in Trailing Stars and all that jazz.

    Just basically look over every new update on the fr…

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    June 24, 2014 by Katwolfie



    Let's get this place back in business!  We've worked too hard to abandon it now!  Trailing Stars writers are in dire need of resources--so we better get this place up-and-running.

    I thought maybe it'd work out if we gathered together on this blog post.  Maybe it'd be better if we all had roles, y'know?  Some person to update the allegiances HERE by copying and pasting whenever Jayfrost updates it, and linking the pages to the names.  Someone else could create new pages, while a few people are in charge of infoboxes.  Some people would be the ones to update Trailing Stars appearances.  I'll make it my mission to give character art to pages, and even create a section on my talk page where …

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    Hey guys!  I haven't been here in a while.  And I have obligations, which this is about:

    Character art for pages.

    Whaaaaaaaaaale, I was looking at this lineart, and I figured it kind of annoys me.  It's old, and I had made it using the paintbrush setting on Photoshop Elements 11, which made it so that I cannot use paintbucket on it without having annoying white lines between the lineart and the color. ;m; 

    Soooo, I thought maybe I'd start over.  

    If this could be the new lineart ---------------------------------------------------------------------------->

    Yes, that'd be a lot of work for the people here, and it's very hard to color.  I made this in Sai, and it would be easier for me personally to color it in.  So, I would be able to make these …

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    Hey friends!  Yup, been absent for a while.  Bit busy. :P (I will have the lineart art finished on here by the end of January, I PROMISE!!)


    I be takin requests for Christmas kitties!  Just simple colors, simple art, your fursona, and all that jazz.  And a Santa hat, too. :P


    Writing!  I've taken a liking to writing in the present tense, and I'd like to soon write a wolf fiction and/or human fiction soon.  Yeah.

    And, I'm fancying making up Pokemon lately.  Lost my tablet pen (again) in a house move (as well as my 3ds XL and Kindle Fire...they're in the house...just dunno darn sisters unpacked my room without telling me where all ma stuff is hidden).  So. 

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    Yes, yet another Blog post.

    I'll try to cut down on number.  Sorry, I just can't keep my mouth shut.  

    I was thinking: If some BlogClanners were dogs, what breeds would I pair them up with?

    After research, I think I myself am a Newfoundland, a big, lazy dog who is generally mellow and tolerant.  But Newfoundlands like water and tend to save others!  NOPE.  XD I'm more of a Leonberger, a breed born from mixing a Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundland.  They are just like Newfoundlands in temperament but are a bit more aloof (which is similar to myself) and have different coat colorations.


    If Leafpaw were a dog, I think she would fit as an Alaskan Klee Kai.  Born from fast Alaskan Huskies (different from Siberians by way of more spee…

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