{{Infobox |Box Title = Exampletail |image = File:example |caption = Warrior of ExampleClan |Row 1 title = Names: |Row 1 info = Examplekit Examplepaw Exampletail |Row 2 title = Education: |Row 2 info = Mentor(s): Exampleclaw Apprentice: Examplepaw |Row 3 title = Age: |Row 3 info = (example number) moons |Row 4 title = Affiliations |Row 4 info = Current: ExampleClan, Example group |Row 5 title = Family |Row 5 info = Examplemother Examplefather Examplesibling Examplespouse Examplechild}} Here is the coding for a character page infobox. You can copy and paste it into the 'source' tab on a page.

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