Okay, so my brother showed me how to play Gameboy on my iPod. FOR FREE. I am here to show you how.

  1. Go on Settings
  2. Go on General in Settings
  3. Scroll down to  Date & Time
  4. Press where it says Auto, turn it to "Off"
  5. Go on where it says "Set date and Time" and set it to any day in 2012. You'll know why soon.
  6. Go on Safari, search "gameboy advance emulator github" and you should click on the FIRST RESULT. URL should be
  7. Click on it, go to where it says "Want to download GBA4iOS? Follow the instructions found here:" and click the link below.
  8. If you scroll down a bit, there is a link in red. Click on it.
  9. You should be at a website with the main color scheme as black and blue text. Click on the second page.
  10. Read the instructions, then press "Applications" above the instructions.
  11. Choose "GBA4iOS" then press "Open in App Store"
  12. It will ask you if it's ok to download. Click Install.
  13. It will download. When done, it is purple with a mountain-like white figure in the middle.
  14. IMPORTANT: Open the app once. It should appear as an empty list that says at the top "ROMS"
  15. Do NOT change to 2013 yet, you still need 2012 to download ROMS.

That's how to get the app. Now here is the ROMS (games) :D

  1. Go on app, click the Magnifying Glass in the top right corner
  2. You will be in a place called
  3. It will show you many ways to browse the games. For example, if you wanted "Pokemon Sapphire" then press "Browse by letter" and click on P.
  4. Then scroll down the list until you find Pokemon Sapphire.
  5. Press it and you will get to another page. Scroll to the bottom and click "Download Now".
  6. STAY ON SAFARI. Wait for it to download. Afterwards, it should say the name of the game you are downloading in the center of the page and "Open in GBA4iOS" in the corner. Click that.
  7. After pressing that go on.
  8. Go on Settings and change it back to Set Automatically for Date & Time.
  9. Now you can play!

    Screenshot from my iPod playing Pokemon Emerald :3

PS No jailbreaking/anything illegal required. Apple deleted this feature on June 15, 2013; By setting your date to 2012, it doesn't work and will still download without fail. You can do this with as many ROMS as you want, just remember to set the date to 2012. Enjoy! :) 

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