Someone has been destorying our wiki. There is a troll on the loose, and we need to stop him/her. It is tearing our wiki apart, bit by bit. Copperclaw was called Coppercrap, Jayfrost Pissfrost, Hazelburrow Hazelballs and much more. Much, much more. Bad words and sexual things and innapproppriate things galore. I just went on my page to get my description, and what do I find? This page has been suggested for deletion. Why was it suggested for deletion? Because the admins had to delete each and every page because they weren't sure how much damage had been dealt. If you have any idea at all who did this, contact admins right away.  PLEASE HELP US IN THE QUEST TO FIND THIS CYBER BULLY! 

And to whoever did this: It's not funny. It never was funny. You picked on an innocent fan website for no reason. Whoop-de-doo. Good for you. Now, let's review- What did you accomplish here? Oh, that's right- Nothing. Nothing at all. Why waste your life doing this? You really need to find something better to do with your time. Join a club or start doing sports or whatever. I don't care. Just something. Please. We worked hard on this, and you had no right to delete it just for a laugh. You sicken me.

I hope you find something better to do with your life.