Senior Warrior

Deputy(only in HailClan)


Mentor: Dawnfrost (former)

Copperstar(only in roleplay)


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Swiftfire is a soft mahogany she-cat with elegant silky fur. Her fur is perfect for swimming. Her eyes are a brilliant golden that glisten with the morning sun. Sometimes they glow orange when angered. Her appearance is sturdy and sleek. She has one torn ear and a mascular structure. Her whiskers are thick and black. She is one of the fastest runners in BlogClan. Her fur is glossy and has a touch of silver glowing from her pelt.


She can be dorky, but she embraces it. She is very fiesty and she is easily exciteable. She is loyal. She may act mean, but she would never purposely harm another person. She is very defensive and independent. She can be brave sometimes and wimpy sometimes. Her personality is complicated. She also is very random. She also has a very perky side. She hates lying and is always trying to be honest. She also has a stubborn side and will stand up for what she believes in. She secretly has a nasty side that she has kept hidden and has yet to be released. You will know when it's released. She also has a secretive and deep side. She is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Even if she does have the oddest sense of humor..


By HerEdit

Swiftfire often writes fan fiction about a Clan she created called SilverClan. She also likes to make sure she comments on most others' fanfics. As a member of MountainClan, she is the leader of her group in a fanfiction project. She also is known for editing every little deal and annoying people. She is working on a new project called Silverwind's Spirit. 

By OthersEdit

She is also a part of Emeraldblaze's fan fiction project called Leafspirit's Mercy.

Trailing StarsEdit

Swiftfire, Swiftpaw in the fan fiction, is breifly mentioned in Chapter 5 to be merrily bouncing and splashing in the water and to be always bouncin around, making her easily indentifiable.

On the BlogEdit

She is especially known for her randomness and often gives speeches. She loves BlogClan and spends a lot of time on there. Her favourite author is Kate Cary and she enjoys being able to speak to her beloved idol. She is very excitable and hyper as can be. She is typically on the Top Commentors thing and is very random, but can be serious when needed. 

On Roleplay

Outside of RoleplayEdit

She joined the roleplay site on June 10th 2013. 

Inside RoleplayEdit

Swiftpaw's mentor is Copperstar. She is very fiesty. In the July pin-post she called one of the Twolegs "Stupid". She is growing closer with a tom named Bramblethorn, and has found an enemy of sorts. She and Ashspots have a bad history with each other.


They pretty much left blogclan and became a meme their tumblr url is demiboyweekes bye