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Pinestripe, Mossfoot

Smokestripe is a dark brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and muzzle with gold eyes. Smokestripe is a warrior of BlogClan

Personality Edit

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History Edit

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On the Blog Edit

Smokestripe appears on the blog often, commenting occasionally on posts, though she checks the blog everyday for new articles. She's also thinking about writing a fan article.

On the Wiki Edit

Smokestripe updates the allegiances, though it's an unconfirmed title.

Fanfiction Edit

By Her Edit

Five of FireClan Arc Edit

The New Kindle Edit
"A new Clan will rise from the flames of five sparks. The fires will rage until the time of dying approaches and reveal the answer to their troubles."
This book takes place during Sunset, a book by Erin Hunter, is in the point of view of Smokestripe, a RiverClan warrior who has been banished for supposedly feeding her Clanmate, Yellowflower, deathberries. As she tries to find a way to clear her name, she uncovers a growing force of cats outside of the Clan territories, where she's invited with open paws. Old friendships from the Great Journey are rekindled, new relationships are formed, and paths will be entwined as Smokestripe settles into the new group, but there is a darkness waiting within the depths, and, with no leader to guide them, what will become of this amateur Clan?

By Others Edit

Smokestripe also appears in Lightningfur's Quest and Emberwing's Destiny.

Trailing Stars Edit

Smokestripe has been yet to appear in Trailing Stars, but is hopeful.

Trivia Edit

  • She's an aspiring author, and has a profile on a free-reading-and-writing website where you can "publish" work on.
    • She currently has two Warriors fanfictions and three series being planned out, one of which isn't completed, but is being entirely re-written due to her dislike of the plot.
  • She's read most of the Warriors books, with the exception of most of the novellas and guides.
  • Her least favorite cat is Spottedleaf, and her favorite is probably Jayfeather.
  • She has been thinking about writing a BlogClan fanfiction.
  • She loves to draw on occasion, but writing is her passion.
  • Her cat's name is Running Bear, and she has various outdoor cats, to whom she refers as "BarnClan".
  • The first name she ever created was Dunepelt.
  • Some of her favorite names from the Warriors series are: Whiskernose, Littlecloud, Leaftail, Hollowflight, Softwing, Palebird, Scorchwind, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Ivypool, Hootpaw, and Seedpaw.