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Skykit is a pale blue tabby tom with dark blue stripes and dark blue eyes. He`s the daylight messenger of StarClan in his dreams.


Skykit is a medicine liking kit. He always hangs around and sits in the medicine den, studying the herbs and berries. He`s also fun-loving. Everyone comments how when he was born, because he looked a part of the sky.

On the BlogEdit

Skykit currently doesn`t have a character on the blog.

On the Roleplay SiteEdit

Skykit is one of Jessica`s characters, along with Flamekit, Moonkit, Duskkit, and Gingerkit. He has made a brief appearance in "The Nursery". He hopes to be a part of many other roleplays besides "The Nusery".


  • Skykit`s future mentor is probably going to be Dawnmist, if he ends up as medicine cat
  • Skykit`s pelt is like the sky, so his warrior or medicine cat name could be Skypelt, Skycloud, or Skyfeather, possibly more