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Mosstail is a very large cream she-cat with sandy brown tabby stripes, cyan blue eyes and very thick, long fur. She has contributed to the fan art page. She is very timid, and cowardly, but is very kind, gentle, and prefers to put others  before herself. she tends to underestamte herself a lot, but is very good as a warrior, but she still dosn't think of herself as a acomplished warrior.


  • She is an otaku, and is a very big fan of anime
  • She considered for Trailing Stars to have a soundtrack.
  • She has a Pokesona named Sorbet
  • She has another Warriors fursona named Blaze who she might make a story for
  • She is the creator of the fan fic Lost in the Stars
  • She wants to make a story of how she came into exsistance
  • Her cousin/mentor is Redleaf

  • by Mosstail
  • Dovewing, by Mosstail
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  • LittlexCinder, by Mosstail
  • Mosstail, by Mosstail :p
  • by Mosstail
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  • Rainbow Dash as a cat, by Mosstail
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  • Mosstail by Copperclaw
  • Sorbet, Mossy's Pokemon character.
  • Dawn, Dawnpaw's Pokemon character by Mossy
  • Copperclaw's Pokemon character, Copper by Mossy
  • Mosstail's Lost in the Stars character Stoneheart
  • Mosstail in Greenleaf (her end of summer break picture)
  • Mosstail's Fox Spirit concept
  • Mosstail by Dawnblaze
  • Mossy by Copperclaw
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  • Just ANOTHER Mosstail by Dawnblaze
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