MarshClan is one of the Clans used on the BlogClan Roleplay site. (

Marshclan symbol by pucktheamazing-d6dvjeu

MarshClan symbol, created by Rainpath (Birdsong).


After their old territory flooded in a massive flash flood, the former leader Frogstar lead his Clan to a new territory. However, he and an unnamed medicine cat died on the way to the concentration camp, leaving the deputy Fishsplash and the medicine cat apprentice Icepaw with new duties to deal with.


The current leaders are Fishstar and Raptorstar.

Against BlogClanEdit

MarshClan, soon after arrival, had a battle against BlogClan. BlogClan invaded the new Clan because a group of MarshClan cats stole half-Clan kits in the middle of the night.

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