Leafpaw, Apprentice of BlogClan


Kit: Leafkit

Apprentice: Leafpaw


Mentor: Kat


Cousin: Kat



Neon Weasels

Leafpaw is a fluffy white, black, and ginger she-cat with green eyes.  

She is small in size and a bit on the skinny side, which fools many enemies in her power and skill.  Most of the ginger and black spots are on her back, but she also has spots on her face and ears.  Her green eyes are emerald-colored and beautiful, always wide and alert.  She has tufts of fur inside her ears, with silky fur along her body, as well as a feathered tail.

On the BlogEdit

Leafpaw is a great contributer to Fan Art and Fan Fiction on the Blog.  She is the cousin and best friend of Kat. She is kind and fun to be around.  She is nice to everyone there, never stirring any fights or being mean.  She left Blogclan recently

In FanfictionEdit

By Leafpaw

Leafpaw has a Fan Fiction that matches up with Kat, following the events after The Last Hope.  Its fursonas include Leafpaw, a WindClan apprentice, and Rainpaw, her sister.  She is thinking of adding a third fursona.

"Leafpaw is excellent at writing Fan Fictions and has a great future in perhaps being an author," comments her relative, Kat.

By othersEdit

Leafpaw is included in Kat's Fires of BlogClan as Kat's spunky apprentice.  She is very kind and considerate for her mentor.  She is portrayed as a best friend and protective family member.

Trailing StarsEdit

Leafpaw is the writer of Chapter 5. She starts off being woken by Kat, and discovers that she is a cat. She joins BlogClan and proves to be a swift swimmer. Additionally, she helps Silverwind with organising herbs.

Leafpaw in breifly mentioned in Chapter 6 to have almost gotten her fur caught on a Twoleg fence.


Leafpaw is a great hunter and fighter, dangerous in battle.  She loves to fish and swim, and is a fast runner when she's up to it. She is loyal and trustworthy.

She would never abandon a Clanmate in battle.  Leafpaw is seen as a quiet, innocent apprentice in her character, liking both warrior life and helping out with herb gathering for the medicine cats.


  • Kat has gotten her description wrong multiple times.  She is shown with brown and cream patches.
  • She first knew of Warriors from her sister having the first three on her book shelf, her sibling never reading farther.  She had also read some Seekers books.  In vacation with Kat, information was shared from cousin to cousin about the books, and she became a fast reader of each series.
  • She thinks Kat is the most amazing person in the world for drawing pictures of her and adding them to the wikia to make up for posting a picture with the wrong description. ;)
  • Leafpaw is secretly obsessed with the Lorax......
  • In real life Leafpaw used to make daily visits to the nursery classroom at her school because of my her mother being an aid there. Everyday Leafpaw started becoming good with young children, except now her mother is in a different building, yet she she still enjoys saying "Hello" to little kids.
  • To my dearest parents and Kat, I am deeply sorry for posting this one, last message.* I, Leafpaw, am no longer active on the blog, and after the two months of silence I felt the need to say one last goodbye. Shimmy, the friend I made just before I left, I absolutely loved and adored the anime and its ending. It was truely, truely, amazing. I felt so bad for Sayaka...... especialy when she slowly kept getting darker.... and darker....... And of course all those fabulous characters. Homura, Madoka, Mami, and Kyoko.....  Rainsong, Pika-bye. :) Copperclaw, I'm glad I got to know you...... goodbye. :) Selena...... Don't lose hold on yourself. I know you can stay strong and keep with kindness. All of my many friends that I met on the blog, bye. And Kat and parents, again, sorry for even laying my eyes upon this website. ;) ~Leafpaw~
    • Cupcakes, by Leafpaw
    • Yummy Rainbow, by Leafpaw
    • Rainbow Kitty, by Leafpaw
    • "EMERAGERSH A RAINBOW", by Leafpaw
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    • Leafpaw, by Kat
    • Leafpaw by Copperclaw
    • PAWSOME picture of LEAFPAW
    • "Hehe...", by Leafpaw
    • Yes. Understand. Understand the Power.
    • Leafpaw side view by Copperclaw
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    • Dawn with a bananaphone by Leaf
    • Leafpaw's warrior name (Leafwillow) in Japanese by Dawnblaze