"When life gives you lemons, keep it.  Because, hey, free lemons."

-Kat's Favorite Quote from a T-Shirt



Wolfsong (former)

Fallenwolf (former)





Firesong (mentor)

Leafpaw (apprentice)



Leafpaw (cousin)


13 moons



Neon Weasels

Kat is cream-and-brown she-cat with gray-blue eyes.  She has a rounded face, short ears, and dense fur.  She has a thick bobbed tail.  Her muzzle is relatively short, and her nose is dark brown.  She has cream-white fur with dark brown legs, ears, tail, and face.  Distinguishing features include white toes on her right paw and a white chin.

Kat's physique is based off of a British shorthair, and her colors are based off of a Siamese or Himalayan. 

She wears a brown collar and necklace with two icons on them. 

Out of RoleplayEdit

Kat was one of the original members of the former roleplay site, her character; Spottedpaw, and her mentor was Goldenfeather.  She had been absent for a long time, missing the talk of the new site.  When she found the new site in March of 2013, she joined, with a few characters.  She recently deleted those characters, starting off with simply Kat.  She found it hard to get in the loop of roleplaying, so found it hard to get on.  Copperclaw, on the site; Copperstar, helped her out a lot with the character development and plots.  She is very grateful to her friend, giving her a reason to get on often.

In RoleplayEdit

Kat tries to go on the roleplay site when she can.  She has a few characters, a lot less than other people, and not as many comments.  She recently wiped out all of those characters, starting with only one, called Kat.

Her character, Kat, has developed a history of her own.  She existed in BlogClan long ago, before Copperstar became leader.  Copperstar commented that Kat simply disappeared, one minute, everyone knowing her, the next minute, gone.  She had once been a friend to all but when she...disappeared...she was easily forgotten by everyone except Copperstar, and perhaps some others.  She recently returned, at first a young cat, but her age is hastily catching up to her.  She is as old as Copperstar, give or take a few moons.  She fears an untimely, to her, death of old age.  She refuses to move to the elder's den, as she hasn't lived a real warrior life yet. 

Upon delving into her memories, she has discovered her former life started with her name being Leapingwolf, and was cut when she became a senior warrior.  She was killed by a badger (the same one that killed Copperstar--then Copperkit's--family).  Copperstar then renamed Kat Leapingwolf, which, in turn, made her age return to what it was at the time of her death.  She has scars on her neck, echoing the horrible encounter, seasons ago, of her cruel and untimely death.  

Fan FictionsEdit

By Her Kat loves to write Fan Fictions.  The following are developing stories and a short synopsis about them.

The New SunEdit

When writing The New Sun, Kat strived to include both complex characters and a mysterious plot.  It is featured eight moons after the events in The Last Hope.  Cinderheart and Lionblaze had five kits.  The fursonas are two of the kits--Sunpaw and Spottedpaw--as well as the medicine cat apprentice, Amberpaw.  A puzzling scent of rogues is being left on the borders between territories, later to be discovered as SolClan.  Sunpaw fights truth and his own self as he struggles through joining the enemies.  The New Sun, however, has not been continued because it will soon be contradicted by the upcoming special edition, Bramblestar's Storm.

An Unnamed BlogClan FictionEdit

Kat decided to write a Fan Fiction about her own "Clan," including blog members such as Copperclaw, Cakestar, Leafpaw, and Rainsong.  It is in first-person.  It speaks of a new Clan bordering BlogClan called FlameClan, with a rogue called Flame leading.  Kat's friend-enemy Fallenwolf, formerly Fall, a loner that attacked and drove her into Twolegplace when the Clan first started, grows closer to her...with good reason.  He later becomes scarily odd...and aggressive.  Kat fights herself and friends to save her cousin as well as her Clan.

The Fan Fiction was finished May 19th, 2013, with its final chapter. 

Fires of BlogClanEdit

In Fires of BlogClan, Kat is traumatized by a dream that all of her friends will betray her.  She cannot wake up for the next few nights--it takes Dawnmist and many of her friends to splash water on her and call.  Dawnmist insists that Kat talk to her about the dream, but Kat objects.  That leaves Kat angry.  She and Copperclaw leave to hunt fish but instead run into a bear.  A rogue named Sage saves them.

Kat, paranoid by fear of betrayal, willingly goes to join a Clan started by a cat named Gray.  Gray takes her in because she noticed Kat's new-found hatred of Sage.  Gray rumors that Sage had killed her parents.

It has been finished.


War is her newest fan fiction that takes place in a forest adjacent to the Clan's previous territory.  Rogues and kittypets in the Twolegplace had thought that the Clans died out, and, in turn, created their own versions of ThunderClan, ShadowClan,  WindClan, and RiverClan in a new territory.  Because of the small amount of knowledge about the Clans, the rogues coexist in a vicious society where cats called "soldiers" are sent to battle for food and territory, being gone for months at a time.  Generals are the equivalent of deputies, and the role is battled over by any soldiers.

The main character, Starling, is a young tom who wills to follow in the footsteps of his battle-hungry brother.  Starling has his morals changed by a fateful dream, which alters his life forever.

By OthersEdit

Many people have started writing add-ons to her Fan Fiction, Fires of BlogClan.  Nearly all are her last moments, and she is described as a "good friend," despite the betrayal she had done.

Trailing StarsEdit

Kat makes her first appearance in Chapter 4. She is found with Hazelburrow by Brighthshadow. She is afraid of BlogClan at first, but soon joins.

When Leafpaw awakes in Chapter 5, Kat is the first cat she sees. Kat is a gentle, calming force to Copperclaw's angry fire.

Kat participates in Patrol A in Chapter 6, unsure that they would find anything in the trash cans. She finds an unfinished buffalo wing.


July 2013 Kat participated in the Gathering with the group Neon Weasels.  She was one of the few there, and answered many questions swiftly. Her group had won.

August 2013Edit

Kat participated for much of the Gathering.  It is noted that her bird, Nickel, died during, shocking both she and her Clan.  She entered and won the first Fan Fiction contest.

Her group, Neon Weasels, had won for a second time.

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Fan ArtEdit

Kat submits a lot of fanart, some of which can be seen in the gallery.


  • She loved her principal's dog, Emilee, as if she were her own.  She was one of Kat's best friends
  • Kat is three letters of her real name; it's her nickname.
  • She has a dog named Finn.
  • She has been shipped with Hazelburrow, the pairing called Wolfburrow.
  • Her nicknames include Wolfie, Kitty, Katwolfie, Wolfiekat, and many more.  Wolfie was given to her by an adult, after hearing about her love of wolves, and kept it ever since.