Former Names



Foxey, Steppy, Stairs

Joining Date

February 6th 2016

Foxpaw is a dark russet-red she cat with sapphire-blue eyes.

Foxpaw found BlogClan on July 2015. She used it as a took to receive spoilers on The Apprentice's Quest, but later became interested in the site itself. She was impressed by how friendly they could be, of all ages. After a few months, after the blog received her full trust, she joined in February 2016. As of now, she is 6 moons old in cat terms.

She is kind, friendly, hyper at times, and sometimes rude, and causes trouble. She tries not to do so, though. She can be found as self-centered as at times she cares more about herself than friends/others. Again, she to put others above herself. She doesn't like plagiarism especially when her ideas or materials are used without her permission.

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Breezey~Awesome. Sweet. Pie. Lover

Stormy Sea (A challenge for you >:) ) Great. Awesome. Sea. Stormy


Stoatie - Awesome. Sweet. Funny. Stoat.

Owl~ Funny. Amazing. Cool. Owl.

Wavey~ (Wavey edit- when you're done, can I do you? :D) Amazing. Fantastic. Kind. Awesome. And sure!

Foxey- Creative. Awesome. Coding. Master. ~Wavey ^^