Kit: Emeraldkit

Apprentice: Emeraldpaw


Mentor: Brightshadow


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Emeraldpaw is a slender, gray tabby she-cat with thin blue eyes and dark stripes. Brightshadow is her mentor.


She is very friendly, kind, and happy. She always is welcoming and is a newer member.
  • Leafsprit, by Emeraldblaze
  • by Emeraldblaze
  • Blacktail, by Emeraldblaze
  • Forestwind, by Emeraldblaze
  • Moontail, by Emeraldblaze
  • Little Fat Kitty, by Emeraldblaze
  • "Hi!", by Emeraldblaze
  • by Emeraldblaze
  • Thunderkit, by Emeraldblaze
  • Snowykit, by Emeraldblaze
  • Moonkit, by Emeraldblaze
  • by Emeraldblaze
  • Creepy Kitty, by Emeraldblaze
  • by Emeraldblaze
  • Emeraldblaze by Jayfrost
  • Camo Kitty, by Emeraldblaze
  • Moontail, by Emeraldblaze
  • Thunderdance, by Emeraldblaze
  • Peachstar, by Emeraldblaze
  • Plumeyes
  • Leafspirit, by Emeraldblaze
  • Smokyeyes, by Emeraldblaze
  • "Woho!", by Emeraldblaze
  • Emeraldpaw by Copperclaw

On the BlogEdit

She writes a fanfiction called Leafspirit's Mercy with Swiftpaw and Sun-For-Two. Her fursona is similar to Leafspirit.

She likes to comment rather frequently and holds contests on warrior names occasionally.

Trailing StarsEdit

She has yet to appear in Trailing Stars.


  • She has been called 'Emmy'
  • Her favorite books are of course warriors
  • Loves to learn and study
  • She also reads veterinarian books
  • Her best friends on the blog are........ Drum roll please........ Everybody!

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