Emraldglare Edit

A white she-cat with intense green eyes



Emraldkit Emraldpaw Emraldglare


No information


sister, Fluffypaw Brother, none Dad, unknown mom,unknown


  • has no idea*




Dawnkit Sunkit Fangkit Spotkit

Personality Edit

Emeraldglare loves to be awesome, and is often first to say something random. She has a shy nature around new cats, but warms up to them within little time. She is loyal to friends. She is self-conscious rarely. Emeraldglare loves climbing trees, though she is not good at it. She believes she is awkward when someone draws attention to her.

On The wikiEdit

Emerald goes by Emeraldglare on the Wiki.  She is often on chat and is known as, Emerald, Emmy and Em.

Character historyEdit

she was once a loner with her sister and they were bolth found by a Blogclan patrol. They were aceppted into the clan as Fluffypaw and Emraldpaw. Fluffykit died in a fight as an apprentice.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a dog named Nikki
  • Emerald`s favorite jewel is a Emerald. 
  • She is very awesome and likes to rant
  • Emerald has met Silverpetal in real life.
  • She has a mate.