Kit: Emberkit

Apprentice: Emberpaw


Mentor: Copperclaw


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Emberpaw is a reddish-brown she-cat with swirled markings and bright green eyes.

On the BlogEdit

Emberpaw posts under the name Embersky and is a helpful, considerate, and kind member of BlogClan. She is Copperclaw's apprentice. Embersky has posted fan art before.


By herEdit

By OthersEdit

Trailing StarsEdit

Emberpaw appears in chapter 6 of Trailing Stars. Copperclaw brings her apprentice along in the patrols to find food. She finds fried eggs, bacon, and a half of a waffle, such good finds that Copperclaw wishes to make her a warrior then and there.

  • Embersky, by Selena, lineart belongs to Kat
  • Hawkpaw (frost) by Embersky
  • Embersky
  • Leafkit (pool) by Embersky
  • Ember's Rise by Embersky
  • Embersky's First Butterfly by Embersky
  • by Embersky
  • Random Wolf, by Embersky
  • "I see you...", by Embersky
  • Out of Tuna, by Embersky
  • Slightly Larger Dot, by Embersky

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